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Investment Process

Risk averse philosophy is embedded in a process driven approach to investing.

Our process can be distilled into the following:

  • Determine quality of the business, management and financials
  • Estimate value drivers following analysis of the company and sector
  • Evaluate risk factors and earnings sensitivities
  • Calculate intrinsic value of the entity
  • Determine a discount to intrinsic value before investing
  • Wait patiently for the market to deliver our price to us.
  • Goal is to be fully invested but are more than willing to hold cash when we cannot find enough investments that meet our criteria
  • Hold a concentrated portfolio with a maximum of 35 names
  • Limit investments to companies that meet our investment quality criteria
  • Avoid quantitatively cheap business that do not have other significant positive industry, management, financial and governance attributes
  • Focus on a company’s cash generation and capital productivity. Stewardship of free cash is critical

Our Model Portfolio will demonstrate how including a few well-chosen international and emerging market equities can enhance the returns on the portfolio while limiting risk. Our total international exposure is 20%, of which a portion is allocated to emerging markets in varying proportions.

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